Who We Are

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I wish I had better news for you. Really, I do.

You probably came here looking for a intriguing story of young hipsters living a fabulous downtown life with children with names like Augustine and Electra, living in a loft where the band has plenty of space to practice and a corner where the award-winning documentaries about the environment are shown to a wide circle of equally cool friends. Maybe there’s a wind turbine on the roof. A vintage car in the garage. An extremely willowy former model mom who stays at home now but still floats around in the skinny jeans she had before kids. See, that’s how stories like these are supposed to work.

You are, unfortunately, in the wrong place for a story like that.

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We *do* live in a downtown loft but we’re not cool. We’re not hip. We’re not young. We’re not environmentalists or urban planners or community activists or cool-glasses/skinny-jeans/meaningful-tattoos artsy types.

We’re just painfully normal people who liked having everything close enough to never need to drive, who didn’t need as much stuff as everyone always told us we did, and who believed that where you are raised is less important than how you are raised.

We’re the Squares. Literally.

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There are six of us: Jeff, Annie, Miss M (our sunny, fearless oldest child and our only girl), Mr D (our artistic, thoughtful oldest son) , Jman (our treasured — and very busy — five year old), and Baby Teddy, our miracle caboose and our only redhead. Rounding things up, we have two cats, three guinea pigs, and a leopard gecko named Taco .

How we found ourselves living in Pioneer Square in downtown Seattle is a long and convoluted story (you can read some of it in the first post of the blog ) but the gist of it is that we found ourselves a decade ago in this rat race of organizing the garage, and mowing the lawn, and driving to Home Depot, and patching the roof, and mowing the lawn, and driving to Ace Hardware, and painting the den and then repainting the den, and then organizing the attic and we finally did what everyone thinks about doing from time to time….

We got rid of all of it. The stuff. The house. The lawnmower and the Christmas ornaments and the high school yearbooks and the patio furniture and the extra towels and the picture frames and the ice-cream maker we got as a wedding present in case we ever wanted to make our own ice cream.

All. Of. It.


Then we moved into an 980 square foot rented condo in downtown Seattle.

There’s no recipe for normal people like us to make life transformation like that. Some people thought we were selfish. Some people thought we were crazy. No one thought it was cool but us. No one.

Call it luck, or force of will, or just plain stupidity…but when everyone around us, including our pediatrician, told us that we shouldn’t…that we COULDN’T…. live downtown/live with less/live without a yard with kids, we pumped our fist in the air and said yes we can!

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That’s really how this blog started. We took this enormous risk and bought and renovated a fairly modern loft-like place in one of the most down and out neighborhoods in downtown Seattle and I wanted to share the construction details with our out of state family. Heh. It…sort of…took off from there.

Whether you live in Seattle or not, live downtown or on a farm, have no kids or 12 kids (12? lucky bitch…), we’re here to tell you that YOU CAN do all kinds of things, including living downtown and live with less stuff and not be a shopper and travel with a two-year old to Africa and quit your job and start something a new business in the worst recession since World War Two. We’re doing it.

You can too. It’s not easy. Sometimes it’s fucking hard….following your heart and making the life you want instead of the life that others think you should have is always worth it.

So, now that you’ve had fair warning…here we are. Welcome!

PS Sometimes I post recipes too.

PPS Sometimes I use the word fucking. You shouldn’t come here if that’s a problem.

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