Last day of “official” CrunchTime for the Lab, meaning this game is getting close to getting out the door! And speaking of getting out the door, did I mention that our producer WENT INTO LABOR* two days before our final milestone, a feat surely never before seen in the entire game industry and hopefully one […]

The wait is on here in Seattle. First, Undead Labs is closing in on the final deadline for State of Decay. El fin. Finito. The end. It’s terribly exciting but we’re all kind of numb from crunch time and the never-ending waves of flu and stuff going around. We have — thankyoubabyjeebus — remained healthy […]

Finally. I’ve voted for gay marriage and we have legalized weed in the neighborhood and you have to bring your own shopping bags and we’re going to outlaw cars any second now and by damn, you’d think that I would have given out a recipe for GRANOLA by now, wouldn’t you? When you think Seattle, […]

CrunchTime marches on here in Casa Square. Today Jman asked me when Daddy would have a weekend again. I said soon, baby, soon. We’re so close I can taste it. I had big plans to lose ten pounds during CrunchTime but about fifteen minutes into my first night of solo parenting, with the Ezzy chewing […]

So last week the Seattle Times published a recipe — and bear in mind that I do not normally pay much attention to Seattle Times recipes as for some reason they seem to have an undying love of fennel — for…. …wait for it…. AGED eggnog. Yeah. You read that right. Apparently this Erik Chapman […]

Redheaded Applesauce 3 to 4 lbs of peeled, cored, and quartered apples. (There is much hysteria over which apples to use for this kind of thing. Apples are apples, mostly, so I buy whatever looks promising at the store. ) 4 strips of lemon peel – use a vegetable peeler to strip 4 lengths Juice […]

Finally! After a record breaking dry spell, rain has returned to Seattle. The sun was nice, sure, but it felt like being on a weird sort of vacation and there’s a point in every vacation where you just want to go home and get into old yoga pants with the holes in them and watch […]

Summer has arrived.  It was worth the wait. A lesson for the ages.  We are bathed daily in warm, sunny weather with slight cooling breezes. Emerald green spongy grass. Bright green trees. Everything is in bloom. Mountains in the distance. Sparkling water everywhere. Local produce just starting to pick up steam. Glorious.  And, as though […]

Oh, there’s loads to tell. Tomorrow I’m going to get a Diet Dr Pepper over ice, get both the washer, the dryer, and both dishwashers going at the same time so I feel kind of productive, and wedge myself in a quiet corner during Baby Teddy’s nap time so I can write out the […]

Behold…a new breed of superhero: SPIDERPIRATE! A lovely bride and groom taking wedding pictures in Occidental Park. (On a side note… we are having photo shoots like every weekend down here. Brides, grads, etc. Fun!) Black bottom pie. Oh baby. I finally got a good picture of the elusive Miss Frost. Did you even realize […]

I’ve had lots of great meals in my life. One was with my mother’s side of the family in New York City, where we were gathered for…are you ready for this…my debut. HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA. No, seriously. No, I’m serious. Really. Actual photographic proof below. I am doing the special bow that only Texas debutantes do. It’s […]

I’m going to keep this short because tonight I’m leaving Seattle and heading back to Dillon, Texas. (Obscure Friday Night Lights reference. You haven’t seen it? And why the hell not, I might ask?) Anyway, this is the best chili you will ever eat. Best. Chili. Ever. That’s good because it’s also the hardest batch […]

Last night Miss M and I had a mother-daughter dinner together. How I love that girl. I got the little boys fed, bathed, and put to bed, D happily settled down in his room to play Halo, Undead Labs had a few late night this week in the run-up to a deadline on the 23rd, […]

File under: My Daughter Kicks Major Ass. Great news! Miss M has been accepted to her school’s language trip to Spain next spring. Part of the trip is a five day “home stay” with a Spanish family. Oh, and did I mention that the family speaks little to no English? And did I meant that Miss […]

Whew. Can you tell it feels less crowded in here? There was a bit of an issue for the past few weeks but it has passed by. Short version: I have this lovely “only on the internet” friend with a blog with Big Readership. She deserves it. It’s a lovely thoughtful blog with no profanity […]

The weather has been, for lack of a better word, sucky. Summer is the big payoff in Seattle, our ha-ha moment for the rest of the country, because when almost everyone else is roasting and hiding out in air-conditioned boxes, we are gleefully enjoying 8-10 weeks of weather so beautiful it brings you to tears. […]

The Ten Year Sandwich. Where do I even start? So, my first summer in Seattle I went to a Mariners baseball game with some of my neighbors and, listen, a summer day baseball game in Seattle is a thing of beauty. It’s important to know that at the time I was broke. As broke as […]

Oh, wait. No. Not quite yet. Seattle is experiencing the coldest April ON RECORD and there’s no end in sight. We haven’t had a day above 55 degree since the first of April and farmers are freaking out because they can’t get crops in the ground, etc. Apparently our La Nina winter has hit the […]

Oh, this weekend. What a weekend. You might also be the dead walking with a 102 fever from a sinus infection, while taking care of an acid relux-y baby and a three year old with recurrent severe ear infections, while trying to get an older kid to a lacrosse games in near arctic temperatures, and […]

I don’t know. If this keeps up, I might start getting excited about the mail or something. People keep sending me pure, unadulterated awesomeness via US Mail lately. The latest box o’ coolness comes via Halo Dana, who sent the Haus of Square a giant bag of real Oklahoma pecans! Stop that this instant. It’s […]

(Photos by Mimi of her cake used completely without permission. Hopefully she will recall that making pretty cakes isn’t my strong suit.) Affair? Pfffft. Of course not. Why would you go out for Pizza Hut when there’s a wood fired pizza oven at home, huh? No. If this cake were a man, I might…um….oogle him […]

So, this is me with my Dad in, oh, 1971 or 1972. You don’t hear much about him these days. There’s not much to the story except to say that he’s a guy with many, many, many problems and a guy that was never a particularly good parent. (Use of that VS who in the […]

Every summer I despair that I completely stop cooking for no apparent reason and we exist mainly on tortilla chips and Whole Foods guacamole and fresh corn on the cob and quesadillas for several months. Well, today I went to the grocery store without my little sidekick for the first time in several years and […]

Sixteen years ago this September, I had some pretty outstanding cheesecake. It was my wedding cake and it was made by a hometown celebrity named Eve Caldwell. (Below, Jeff and I feed each other a little bite of cheesecake. That guy. Sigh. Hawtness, pure hawtness.) So this, ladies and gentlemen, is THE Eve Caldwell, the […]