Yes! After YEARS of waiting, we are finally in India & I guess the only thing to ask is…

what took us so long to get here?

After a ten & a half hour flight from Seattle to Paris, we met Jeff’s mom and continued on an 8 hour flight to Delhi. The little boys were absolute rock stars. They watched LOTS of movies and slept a ton. Jeff and his mom were both napping and reading. I was too excited to sleep and spent most of both flights staring at the little airplane moving in real time across the world.

As the sun set, we flew over Afghanistan & Pakistan before finally dipping down into northern India. I normally feel a sense of invisibility in commercial airliners flying at thirty thousand fee above whatever is happening on the ground but recent events have taught us that it may no longer be the case.

It makes me sound like a dull person to stare at a map for damn near 20 hours but everything seemed dull in comparison to landing in India. The flith! The crowds! The colors! The noise! The food!

I. Couldn’t. Wait.

Also, I had low level anxiety because Miss M and Mr D were on these student tours and they were going to break off and fly independently to meet us in India. That seems like a great idea at the time but guess what? There’s no direct flight from Nadi, Fiji or Brisbane, Australia to Delhi. Mr D has to fly from Brisbane to Singapore, connect to a new flight in Singapore, and fly to Delhi….alone! Miss M had to fly from Nadi, Fiji to Auckland, from Auckland to Guangzhou, China, and finally from Guangzhou to Delhi…by herself!

Then they both has to clear customs and passport control to get to us in the airport.

As it turned out, it was a non issue. D made his flight and walked off with swagger for navigating an international airport by himself. Miss M had duck for breakfast in Guangzhou and slept like a rock. We reunited without incident.

We spent a day and a half at the hotel in Delhi doing nothing seriously touristy. The hotel has a nice pool and western style food so we eased everyone into the new time zone with lots of naps and pancakes and french fries and mango juice with only some token adventuring. That’s unusual for us but the time change is severe for a three year old and we all needed the rest before we plunged into the big exotic gumbo of India.

It’s 4:41 am here now and today we are more or less all on India time and sleeping when it’s dark and awake when it is light. We catch a flight to Varanasi this morning, the holiest city in all of India, to take an evening boat ride along the ghats (steps that lead to the river) to watch people bathe in the holy water of the Ganges.

Teddy went to sleep in my arms as we rode around Old Delhi in rickshaws. People would touch his face and pat his arm when the traffic slowed.

I am in heaven.  Truly.

More from Varanasi,


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