Today was the first day back at school and work.

Re-entry was…ahem…not so easy.

We overslept (even J!) and we were scrambling to get to school on time, Jeff had to run in the rain to Starbucks to buy some transfat loaded crapola for the kids to eat for breakfast because we didn’t have any breakfast food in the house, and then when I got in my car….

this is fucking unbelievable, people…

I discovered that someone had stolen my windshield wipers.

My windshield wipers.

Off my car.

It must have happened before we left for the holidays, in a parking lot somewhere. On a dry day, I suppose.

Other than that, I bathed baby J until he was radiant and pink, fulfilled my New Year’s resolution by making a stir fry for dinner (more veggies! less herbed goat cheese and crackers!), took down a Christmas tree so dry that I am stunned it didn’t spontaneously combust as I touched it, and I tried to give away baby things from the storage room until the baby sadness overwhelmed me and my throat closed up and I thought Where does this sadness live during the day? It’s like a bat that folds up into a tiny ball and hides somewhere, upside down, until I see a pregnant woman or a baby over someone’s shoulder or I try to marshal through giving my own stuff away and then it unfurls and puts me in total darkness.

Then it all seemed a bit much so I ate a little bit of dark chocolate, even though it was only 2:30 in the afternoon, and made a double batch of black beans, a huge batch of chicken stock, and planned out a fondue night for tomorrow.

That’s all.

Hoping tomorrow is a better day. I will take another stab at giving the baby things away in a few days.