Summer is down upon us like a freight train. Three more days and we’re out until September 9.

Wanderlust is hitting me hard and I’m squirreling away money in our travel account every week. We cancelled some of our plans this summer and are doing more free things instead of organized camps, (except for D’s sleep away camp which is already paid for). Combined with frequent flier miles, I think I can get us somewhere exotic this summer.

I’ve been researching like crazy. Brazil seemed perfect, except it would be a shame to visit my cousins in Brazil in winter. Best to save that extraordinary trip for a Christmas vacation. We’re coming, Tia and Doug!

Australia would have also been great but…just like Brazil, it’s winter in the southern hemisphere. No. Thank. You.

Then I started researching a trip to Japan. Japan’s awesome but we’ve visited Tokyo and Kyoto and it seems a shame to go back and backtrack with so much of the world that we still haven’t seen.

China would be AMAZING but…I dunno…I don’t get that thrilled to my toes feeling about China. I know it will be fantastic when we go but I’m not wigging out with excitement.

Then I asked the Square kids and they said “India”. Didn’t even think about it.

And I got a big lump in my throat and a butterfly feeling in my stomach and the thought of getting to go to India makes me all giddy with excitement and now I’m OBSESSED with India.

The problem, and you knew there had to be a problem, right?, is that August is monsoon season in India. The worst possible time to visit.

There are these squalls that move in daily, all over the country, and drench with heavy rain for hours a day. Roads wash out, flights are delayed, major attractions are closed, and–most importantly–TIGER RESERVES are closed. Yes. Tiger Reserves. Wild tigers. OMG. That’s so thrilling, I can barely type the words.

I’ve just started researching and I do a TON of research before I pull the trigger on a trip but so far, the thought is just intoxicating.

More as this develops.




Summer is coming. I’m ready.



Just in case you were under the impression that the Squares live some kind of abnormal life with no problems…I present to you:

The Zoo Trip From Hell.

The weather has been ABSOLUTELY SPECTACULAR and I thought that the Jman might enjoy a little Mommy and Toddler time at the zoo today. A sort of last fling together until he has to share the summer with the siblings.

Anyway, there was great fanfare during breakfast and bathtime and we packed our diaper bag and our stroller and we made animal sounds in the car on the way, blah, blah, blah.

First we saw the gorillas:

Then we walked over and saw the flamingos:

Then we stopped at the play area and J pretended to be a wolf in the wolf den:

And a turtle:

Then he saw a cart selling popcorn and he started pointing and hopping up and down and saying NAK! NAK! PEASE MOMMA, NAK! (Snack!) and looking extra, extra adorable so I bought him a bag of the stuff.

Here, our troubles began…

…because he dropped the popcorn bag upside down two minutes later and it all spilled out. I might have been able to salvage some of it except it dropped down into a muddy place.

Okay, immediate breakdown.

I tried to find the popcorn cart again but I was disoriented and got lost and was apparently walking in circles, all while J was sobbing at the top of his lungs.

I felt bad for him at first and I knelt down to try and hug him and give him his blanket.

He wasn’t just sad… he was angry. Angry as only an almost two year old can be.

Angry at me for not replacing his popcorn, pronto. He started pushing me away and screaming NO! MOMMY! at the top of his lungs and it started to dawn on me that this fit might not pass quickly.

I tried to walk and distract him.

After 20 painful minutes of pushing a sweaty, screaming child who was thrashing from side to side in the stroller, shrieking POPCORN! in an anguished voice every 30 seconds, I gave up and headed for the car.

By the time we got to the car, I was a sweaty mess with a throbbing headache, J was purple and hysterical, and we’d seen two animals and spent $33 on parking, admission, drinks, and the fucking popcorn.

Sincerely, once again out of the running for parent of the year,