Sorry, not much time for commentary today. Baby J is in a need-Mommy-to-hold-me-every-second-of-the-waking-day mood, which is fine, but it limits my ability to do other important things that require two hands like…pay bills, put on make-up, and make dinner. Last night I tried to make a stir fry with one hand while holding Baby J in the other.

I burned the stir fry. Priorities.

So…today I rocked him to sleep for his 2 hour power nap, let the babysitter in, and snuck down to the condo to take some pictures and check on things.

When he woke up, Mommy was in the kitchen, making his lunch, as though nothing had happened. Ignorance really is bliss.

Below, the first layer of the heavy plastic/rubber membrane going up on our bedroom wall. The soundproofing board goes over this sheeting. There’s also this thick putty that goes around all the electrical boxes.

This is also kind of fun because the room will ultimately get black paint except for the wall that is currently black…which gets wallpapered with Russian newspaper. Does that make sense? I liked seeing such a big patch of black in that room. It made it easy to imagine with paint.

A close-up of the sheeting. A roll of this stuff weighs something like 250 pounds.

The drywall is going up on the stairs.

The ceiling upstairs….the rows of lights are lighting over the kitchen island.

Ceiling by the washer/dryer part of the cabinets.

Edge of a skylight. Progress.

David working away on the stairwell drywall.

Downstairs, miracle of miracles, is almost completely drywalled. It looks beautiful. This is the hallway towards the master bedroom. The three lines on the left are the slot lights. You can also see a little bit of the floating drywall at the end of the hallway..see the darkish line at the floor?

Laying the groundwork for tile, below. The “curb” for our “master” shower. I love the lingo.

Finally, the membrane for the new deck waterproofing is in place. Very relieved that we caught this problem before it got any worse. Now it’s sealed and waterproofed for the next several decades. One less thing to worry about!

I’m off. Someone wants me to build a tower of blocks for him to knock over…



Other than drywalling, a few other good things are happening…

The wooden stair treads are being made. It’s like a box of wood that slips over the metal tread. The second one down is slightly thinner than the one above & that’s the width we are going with…the other one is too boxy in real life.

These are bad pictures but try to imagine the stair treads stained black with a white wall behind and next to it.

The “small” leak on the patio has turned into a major event that required pulling up all the pavers, scraping up all the membrane, and resealing it. I am so glad this happened while we were doing this project and not AFTER we moved in. A complete messy nightmare.

Thank heavens we have had an exceptionally dry October with 10 days of dry, sunny weather.

Anyway, after we are done we can expect 20+ years of waterproofing from the new materials. Jeff will be on the verge of his 60th birthday. ! 60th!

Speaking of Jeff, I had to show you the view from his “temporary” office.

Who could get work done here?

To the left of his desk…the port.

To the right of his desk, Elliot Bay, the islands, ferries, and the mountains.

I am solo-parenting this week so I’m too tired to write more-



Well, just a quick update on the soundproofing issues. No pictures yet but I’ll try and get some today.

We had a meeting yesterday with Chad, Rich, and Ren from Dyna to discuss the soundproofing and I must say that I feel like everyone understands the issues. Happily, it doesn’t look like we’ll need to rip down any drywall (hooray!) but instead we’ll put additional soundproofing OVER the drywall.

It’s a thin plastic membrane followed by a piece of very heavy drywall called “Quiet Rock”. Online reviews are generally favorable.

It does delay us and Jeff was having a hard time about that but soundproofing is one of those things you absolutely cannot screw up. It’s got to be right.

Feeling on the upswing, despite the setbacks,