Well, while we haven’t started construction yet (just 3 days left, if all goes according to plan!), things are coming together for how things will look once we actually get there…
Below, clever art idea for the new baby’s room…I’d need it in black and white. And, no, there’s no news yet.

Below, Madeleine’s “modern asian ” room is starting to take shape. It’s more like modern Japanese. This bed, red walls, large yellow rug, wall behind bed is wallpapered in multicolored Japanese newspapers, multiple white paper lanterns from ceiling, I am going to blow up pictures of Tokyo’s Shinjuku district for the walls, white roller shades for window, open closet, giant black Fatboy beanbag. One wall is corkboard , back of door mirrored. Only thing I’m still working on is the bedding for the bed. I’ll probably go with white but I’d love to find handkerchiefs or robes or something with Japanese characters for throw pillows…. we’ll probably go spend an afternoon in the International District when things get closer and poke around for ideas.

Below, my favorite new toy…the minimalist dollhouse!

I have been on the hunt for a set of school lockers for D’s bedroom…something like these, which have been stripped of their paint. So far no luck. Still, I think they look great…D is getting industrial metal (with his current Pottery Barn Teen metal beds) as his room theme with, I think, a giant wallpaper mural map. He’s into color and likes to make his own choices so he’ll decide what he wants as we get closer. D the easiest kid for this kind of thing because he’s decisive and doesn’t second guess himself. He picked orange carpet in the last house and loved it until the day we moved out. He’s also getting a giant fatboy beanbag.

Fort bed. Trying to figure out a way to man this up to use it for D. Even though this is blue, it’s too frilly for him but he loves the feeling of enclosure…and it would work with his current beds…

Awesome crib, below. A possibility for baby x. This room is about the size of baby x’s room. While I like black and white almost everywhere else, I find that I just cannot go there for a nursery. His/her nursery is going to be grey with white furniture and white rocking chair and raw natural linen and dark grey shag rugs layered with sheepskins.

Below, paper lanterns for Miss M’s room.

Below, more paper lanterns. Cute.

Baby J’s room!! This is a handpainted mural of very child-like drawings of things. I love this idea. See how it extends onto the ceiling? Jeff’s company has a bunch of very talented artists and I am hoping I can hire someone who can pull this off–it really works if the drawings look primitive. It’s supposed to look like a child just drew all over the walls. His bed will be low and all white but he’ll have a big shag rug just like this one. Low bookshelves. Maybe a colored drum shade from the ceiling. White roller shades. Loads of his stuffed animals. See how it’s calming but still creative? The white keeps it serene.

Below, if only I had this when D was little…

Sincerely yours, needing to transition from writing about kids to actually taking care of kids,



This is it.

Say it with me now..I-S-L-A-N-D!

(As always, click to enlarge.)

Mahalo, Kristan.



Some things that have worked for us:

Below, Panton chair in shiny black. Variety of colors, extremely comfortable, lightweight. I take them outside and hose them off to clean them. All plastic. They look uncomfortable but they are actually wonderful. I have matte white. Will last for life, great resale value.

Big wood table. I have one in ash, below, also one in black. Dents/sctratches don’t show. Solid as a rock, big and sturdy. On rainy days, drape with a sheet for instant tent experience. Expensive but a buy for life.  Brent Comber, Vancouver.

Leather. I was a skeptic. It seemed cold and kind of cheesy. After a year with these sofas in black, below, I am a believer. The perfect furniture for anyone who doesn’t live in a museum (ie kids of any age or animals or kids who may sometimes behave like animals). Restoration Hardware. They have an annual sale where all furniture goes 10-15% off so wait if you are thinking about something like this.

The big reveal….white. Everywhere. White towels, white sheets, white comforter, even…go with me here…an off-white carpet.

With a white bed and bathrooms, you can wash everything. If your carpet is 100% wool, then an off-white rug is a great choice because you can blot and stain treat in a way you can’t with colored carpet. It’s like cleaning a wool sweater…without any color, you don’t have to worry about patches or staining or fading. You spot treat, fluff, and go.

Plantation shutters. These don’t seem very modern but they blend beautifully with modern interiors and they are the best choice for any place with lots of kids. No fears of the accidents with the cords, tons of colors, and great light blockage and privacy. Plus, kids soon learn to open and close the shutters by themselves, which is nice. Perfect for a nursery.

In-ceiling lighting. No table or reading lamps wherever possible.

Also, something I’ve been reading about but never done is upholstering dining chairs in oil cloth. I googled today and there are lots of cute patterns out there. Since I’m not a big fan of patterned fabric, I didn’t see anything that I would use in this house…but if I were decorating a beach house or something, I would seriously think about it.

Got to go now…Jeff is finally home. Not that you aren’t interesting.