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Puttin’ the “Six” in “Six in the City…”


Edit from Annie: Ask for Dr. Amy Crinidi (Kree-Nee-De). Tell her Jeff and Annie sent you.

Edit from Jeff: And be careful what you ask her for. She’s got the skills and the tools to make it happen.


Jeff (21:01:08): Why so blue?
Annie (21:01:40): Not sure but I really am.
Jeff (21:02:09): Over the design meeting?
Annie (21:02:35): Was it just me or did it seem totally depressing?
Jeff (21:03:22): I think it was honest and productive. I think we tore into a few issues that we needed to tear into. I actually came out of it excited that we were doing what we needed to do in order to get things moving.
Annie (21:04:13): I know that logically…but the number of major concessions we made today was kind of a downer. The windows, especially.
Jeff (21:05:29): We made the right decision with the windows. Did you see how awkward the exterior drawings looked? Even I thought it was ugly — no way in hell the PSPB would have approved it
Annie (21:05:55): What’s PSPB?
Jeff (21:06:56): Pioneer Square Preservation Board.
Annie (21:07:33): Oh, right.
Annie (21:10:06): Look, I’m sorry I am being such a downer. I really am so excited about this. I love Pioneer Square & I can’t wait to be there. Maybe it’s just the weather. Even Ren didn’t have his A-game today.
Annie (21:11:54): I do feel good about the kitchen-I think it’s going to look killer.
Jeff (21:11:57): The weather was nice today. I thought Ren was doing his job — chasing down ambiguity, providing honest assessments of what could and could not be done, and keeping a handle on the cost of it all.
Jeff (21:13:04): Let’s get to the core here. Is it the windows? Is it the cabinet under the landing for the utility equipment? We made a lot of progress today, but something is really hitting you hard.
Annie (21:13:04): This is starting to sounds like that Far Side cartoon “Same Planet, Different Worlds”….
Jeff (21:13:22): Men are from Mars…
Annie (21:13:28): I’m upset about the windows.
Annie (21:15:03): I COMPLETELY understand that we are bound by the rules of the both the homeowners association and the Preservation Board andI agree that those drawings looked terrible….but it seems so dark to me now.
Annie (21:16:40): On a happier note. we haven’t even talked about the great news that we can move those vents in the middle of the room. That was big news.
Jeff (21:17:08): Chica, it won’t when it is filled with light. Keep in mind that all of the windows are covered with opaque plastic, which was blocking 50% of the light. When you get clear, modern windows in there, it will be bright and cheerful. Well, for Seattle, anyway.
Annie (21:17:47): Oh, I hadn’t even thought about that plastic. Is that why it was so dark today?
Annie (21:17:59): It was gloomy.
Jeff (21:18:03): Well, yes — didn’t you notice the plastic?
Annie (21:18:44): I was so busy with the Great Cat Box Discussion to really think about it.
Annie (21:19:29): That makes me feel better.
Annie (21:19:49): Okay…so what went right today?
Jeff (21:20:43): We made good progress with the GCBD as well. Everyone was onboard with opening up the laundry room, putting the w/d behind cabinets, and finding space for the cat boxes. You know Paul and Kristan will come up with a great solution there. Give them 24 hours, and it will be a wrap.
Annie (21:24:25): Okay..so good things: we have the layout and the design of the kitchen, that’s good, we have almost everything downstairs decided, if it is allowed by the city we’ll have our rainwater collection system for the toilets, that’s cool, it looks like we are a go for all the lighting downstarirs…
Jeff (21:27:41): And, we have a plan for getting the gas to the unit. Yeah, it’s expensive (per Ren, “North of 10, south of 20″), but it’s going to happen. And don’t forget that little addition of gas to the patio for a grill.
Annie (21:28:26): Heh. That will be cool.
Annie (21:30:39): Okay. I feel a little better. I am so sick of this rental house and it juts seems like it will be forever until we get this done. Sigh.
Jeff (21:32:40): Hang in there. Today was a large step forward in making it a reality. And remember: there were plastic sheets over all the windows. There were plastic sheets over all the windows…
Annie (21:33:12): Oh, I know. Love you so much.


We’re just a few hours away from the big design meeting at the condo…the gang from Dyna and Whitney, plus the two of us, will all be on site in a cleared out, totally demoed condo that already has the chalk lines drawn out. Exciting!

We should be able to make some big decisions today. More details later.

Below, kitchen goodness.

I am feeling so confident about my kitchen choices..probably not for everyone, but perfect for us. The concrete and matching cabinets, the Bluestar range and wall oven, using the fridge we have, the subway tile, and cutting the island all seem like the right direction.

Below…Here’s glossy white subway tile with a marble counter and mini backsplash. Click on the picture for a better view. It’s quite beautiful but I think I’ll stick to the plain tile. I like marble, though. I could go either way, but a dark counter seems like it would pop more, plus dark counters are more forgiving of crumbs, etc. Also, note pretty open shelves with white serving pieces.

Jeff is going to gasp when he reads this but I have a burning desire for this pottery. I have always made fun of pottery but there’s something about the irregularity of these pieces and the pureness of the white that I find appealing. From Sonoma County based Althea Soule.

Amazing napkins, below. Very affordable. From UK based Julie Haslam.

Below, concrete and white pottery. Can you picture it?

Another Haslam tea towel, about 13 pounds sterling. Question: what’s the deal with the UK and the euro? How did the UK swing getting all the benefits of being part of the EU without giving up their own currency? Remember the lira and the franc and the mark? It seems so sad to go to Europe now and pay for everything in euros…or is that just because the euro is so strong that it costs me double?

Thinking the devil is in the details only if you have a hard time knowing what you want,